"I Very much enjoyed my experience working with Rainey to photograph my family. She was so professional and made the kids feel at ease so she was able to capture beautiful shots of the girls. Even though it was 25 degrees outside, she was patient and professional to ensure she had enough shots to meet my requests. The final results were beyond my expectations! Beautiful photos of my girls in a gorgeous setting at the Oasis. She then turned my images around in just a couple of days so that I could meet Christmas deadlines. Highly recommend Rainey!"

~ Pam O'Neal 

"Rainey was so personable, energetic and creative! We ended up with some really great family photos from multiple Austin locations, and I look forward to hiring Rainey to photograph my family when the season changes! I HIGHLY recommend Rainey May Photography!"

  ~ Kierstyn Smedes

"Rainey is great at capturing those sweet little candid & impromptu moments, as well as beautiful posed shots. She had some prime locations scouted out for our daughter's senior photos, and knew exactly what time of day the lighting would be best at each spot. We are thrilled with how they turned out! They are gorgeous, and capture her unique personality so well".

​~Jennifer Batton

​Rainey May Zeller took my daughters senior pictures and did an amazing job!  I loved them so much that I had her also take our kids family pictures.  I was equally impressed with how they turned out.  Rainey is very patient and easy to work with.   I would highly recommend her!

~Yuneska Vezzetti

"Rainey May photographed my family for our Christmas card last year and she did a fantastic job. We received a lot of compliments from both our family and friends. Her pricing was very competitive and we will use our services for the years to come! "    


  ~ Lewis Merrifield

"Rainey is a delight to work with and, is so humble. Her creativity is amazing. She truly LOVES what she does and, puts her whole heart into it. Oh, and, she has a ton of patience.  Thank you Rainey for capturing our first family photos."

        ~ Naomi Harmon 

"My family just started having professional pictures taken in the past couple of years, and I have to say Rainey has been the first to capture us in a more natural state. This is what I have been looking for all along! She captured us goofing around like we love to do and relax enough not to appear as if the smiles were forced. This is no easy task when it comes to my husband and I when cameras are involved! We will be using Rainey again and again to help us capture more memorable moments in our lives. Thanks so much for taking truly amazing photos of my family."

              ~Reagan Newcomer

"Hi All!  I had to share these with you.  Gabe had a 5th grade photo shoot yesterday with Rainey Zeller.  She lives here in Steiner and has a daughter in 5th grade, Alexcia.  She is also taking our photos of the kids at graduation.  I'm so impressed with her work and how easy it was.  She took some photos of Gabe here at the house and then they took his lacrosse and basketball outfits as well as casual wear and drove around Steiner to different locations to shoot.  She was so good with him and I knew he would do better alone with her.  I've just gotten these few teasers.  I get the rest later in the week but wanted to share them with you as you may want to do 5th grade photos for your son since it is a milestone marker.  It was great not having to be involved and just letting her run with him.You are amazing Rainey but stay humble because that is what makes you so good and unique. Nothing is duplicated with you. You are consistently original because you always want to be better. You never settle."

  ~Lesley Rayer

“I chose to have Rainey do our family photos after seeing the amazing job she did with portraits of friends of ours.  We really wanted them be casual with a beautiful setting at the same time.  She did an awesome job with her creativity..even with just the simplicity of the lake as a backdrop.  But…what I love most is that she captured my children’s personalities without even knowing them!  I feel blessed to have found her…we will cherish these photos forever!”

   ~Tracy Hawkins 

"Having a great family photo is super important to me! We take a lot of photos in general, but not "together." My family had a blast with Rainey! She made the photo shoot effortless.... and I love our pictures! Thanks Rainey!!! " 

 ~Jessica Wunsch

"Rainey May Photography took photos for our holiday cards that are amazing. We are very happy how they turned out. We were able to find a photo for our card and many friends commented on how it was their favorite photo! Thank you Rainey May!"

​~Sara Reeve

  "Rainey is an awesome photographer! I had never been in a photo shoot before, so I didn't know what to expect. I just did my thing, and Rainey captured the moment without me

noticing she was there. Thanks Rainey! I will definitely call you for my next
special occasion. " 

~ Kirby Madison

" I hired Rainey to do new born pictures of my six week old son and she did awesome! He was born three weeks early and only weighed 4 1/2 pounds so at six weeks he was smaller than the average baby of that age and a challenge to work with. Rainey was extremely patient and very creative with how she posed him and the props she used. She captured so many wonderful shots that I couldn't be happier! The

best part about it is she got the disk, with amazingly edited photos, to me the next day. I would highly recommend Rainey to all my friends and family!"

~Danielle MacDonald

"Rainey took phenomenal pictures of my beautiful twin boys.  My pictures were everything I hoped they would be and more.  She captured my boys perfectly as they are now and how I will

remember them at this age in the future to come.  Rainey also took amazing family photos of the boys, myself, and my husband.  We will treasure these photographs forever.  Thanks so much for taking truly amazing family
photos.  See you next you’re for the next set.  Love the Reynolds

 ~ Gabriela Reynolds

"We hired Rainey to take pictures of our family at Torrey Pines State Beach and they turned out amazing. Throughout the photo shoot Rainey was patient, made great suggestions for shots and above all took great pictures.  Halfway through the session our 4 year old daughter wasn’t cooperating so we paid Rainey and said she could go. But she just kept right on shooting and took some of the best shots after that point.  We would highly recommend Rainey’s photography services!"

​ ~ Sincerely,  Matt Madeoy

Rainey is my favorite photographer!! She can capture anything and we have so much fun doing it!! She always makes everyone feel so comfortable which makes for a fantastic experience!! Can't wait to take our fall family photos!!
~Dana Malouff

Such a pleasure having Rainey May Photography photograph our competitive team Encore Dance Company. She found the perfect location, was ready when we arrived and had the entire shoot done in less than an hour. We had a blast working with her and the photos are beautiful!


​                                                                                                                                                                                    ~Dana Mitcham Nunn